Over the last decade MicroSpring has grown from start up garage production, to full-scale manufacturing and laboratory services. Our focus since being founded in 2009 by George Pearson was to provide an end to end solution for the Food and Waste industries through scientific analysis of individual needs and parameters. Beginning with biological treatments, ProBac products such as MicroTab, and Direct Injection System were designed to compliment the environmental factors surrounding the degradation of fats, oils, greases (FOG), and control of biological oxygen demand (BOD). These products were then applied in an analytical manner for each customers unique parameters, yielding the best results in the microbial industry for FOG and BOD reduction.

The years following consisted of improving manufacturing efficiency, quality assurance, development of chemical manufacturing capabilities, and biological/chemical laboratory analysis services. These were created to extend the problem solving resources for complex problems in large scale operations ranging from Food Processing facilities to Hospitals. Our mission is to improve the environmental landscape by utilizing problem oriented efficient solutions to chemical processes.