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MopX is a liquid blend of live, safe, active microbial cultures and cleaners formulated for cleaning and deodorizing oors, especially those in commercial, industrial and institutional kitchen settings. MopX is a safe and environmentally sound formula specically designed for food preparation areas. Mopping with the product leaves a microscopic layer of selected, safe microbes that can penetrate semi-porous ooring to give a deeper and longer-lasting clean that is not available with conventional commercial cleaners.

The microbial cultures in MopX are natural, non-pathogenic (non-disease-causing) and preselected for their ability to quickly breakdown the materials commonly encountered on greasy, soiled oors. The cleaners used are environmentally sound and biodegradable. All the components of MopX are formulated to work together to clean and deodorize while leaving the oor clean and odor free.